Eyelash Extension Specialist Program in Houston, TX

Eyelash Extension Specialist Program in Houston, TX

Embrace Your Talents with our Eyelash Extension Course in Houston

Flexible schedules, great pay, and global career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why becoming a lash tech has become such a sought-after career in recent years. If it is your dream to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas, the Houston Training Schools (HTS) eyelash extension course in Houston will open doors to opportunities far and wide.

With proper eyelash training in Houston from HTS, you can jump-start your career and enter the cosmetic workforce, expand your customer base, and increase your income as a lash technician!

Eyelash extensions can truly make a client feel so beautiful and confident. With the right education from HTS, you will walk away with the necessary skills and confidence to build a clientele and apply the best eyelash extensions in Houston.

About the Eyelash Extension Specialist Program

In our well-rounded eyelash extension course in Houston, you will learn eyelash extension application skills and techniques as well as theory and industry knowledge that will carry you through your career.

How long is the eyelash extension specialist program?
All students must complete our 320-hour eyelash extension course in Houston that includes the following topics:

• Theory and basic skills (first aid, regulations, etc.)
• Sterilization, sanitation, and bacteriology practices
• Eyelash extension application, history, and procedures
• Past and current trends in the industry
• Salon business knowledge

Our lash technician program also includes field trips, guest speakers, audio and visual aids, and other methods to make your educational experience as interactive and engaging as possible.

Practice on real clients

When doing someone else’s lashes, you tend to get up and close and personal with them. That is why learning how to deal with clients on a regular basis provides such an advantage while completing your eyelash training in Houston. Houston Training Schools allows you to practice on real clients during your education so that you can begin to build a potential client base while providing eyelash client services. This way, if you’re looking into how to start a lash business of your own, you will already have the necessary skills and maybe a few regulars who are willing to continue to receive services from you.

How do I become a lash tech in Houston?

After completing your 320-hour eyelash training in Houston, you will need to apply for an Eyelash Extension Specialty License in the state of Texas in order to become a licensed lash technician.

Here are the requirements to apply for a license:
• You must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or a GED certificate
• You must be at least 17 years of age
• You must complete an eyelash extension program at an approved beauty school (like Houston Training Schools)
• You must take and pass a written and a practical exam

With an education from HTS, you will be prepared and enthusiastic to begin your career in the lash industry.

Enroll in Houston Training Schools Eyelash Extension Course in Houston Today!

Houston Training Schools is proud to offer students a well-rounded education on eyelash extension application so that our students can feel confident and ready for their licensing exams and their future careers in beauty. We also prioritize providing a diverse educational experience. With two Houston-based campuses, our student body is represented by 40 different countries and all of our classes are taught in both English and Spanish.

Think HTS is right for you? To enroll in our eyelash extension course in Houston, apply online today or call 877-640-4747 for more information.