Questions to Ask During a nba官方正规买球网站 School Interview: 常见问题

Applying to beauty school can be an incredibly exciting beginning to jumpstart your career — however, it is also very important to ensure that you choose the right school for you and your educational needs. Before you set out on your much-anticipated beauty school tour appointment, keep these questions to ask during a cosmetology school interview handy.

nba买球正规网站 is a Houston trade school that provides beauty education to a wide variety of students every year. Because we aim to provide the best educational environment possible for our pupils, we want to ensure that every potential student who walks through our doors has a clear idea of what learning with us will be like.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, 都是以前的学生写的, that we believe will be helpful to you in making your scholastic decision.


自1987年以来, our beauty school has expanded to two campuses in the Houston area: nba买球正规网站’ Gessner campus and the main campus. 主校区位于 东Fwy,第二校区位于 盖斯纳南路.

Both campuses are available for a beauty school tour so that you can become familiar with each campus and all that each has to offer!

Q: What programs do nba买球正规网站 offer?

nba买球正规网站 offers multiple beauty 培训项目 and focuses to choose from for a well-rounded education. 我们提供的四个核心课程是:

作为未来nba官方正规买球网站行业的专业人士, every student will learn both basic and advanced methods and skills that can be utilized in their career to build confidence and independence before graduation.

Outside of the classroom, our programs incorporate a 实践学习 model that encourages students to perform a variety of nba官方正规买球网站服务 on real-life clients, depending on their chosen field. Having the opportunity to practice your craft on a real person allows you to apply the techniques and skills that you are learning in the classroom and problem-solve in real scenarios. 作为额外的奖励, students also have the opportunity to grow a client base even before they graduate!


Every program has a specific number of hours that need to be completed before the student can graduate and take their licensing exams. 例如, 德克萨斯州的nba官方正规买球网站执照要求 陈述 1000小时计划 must be completed and passed by an established beauty educational institution.

Here are the required hours needed for every beauty student by program:

  • nba官方正规买球网站:1000小时
  • nba官方正规买球网站师:750小时
  • 美甲师:600小时
  • 睫毛延长专家:320小时
  • 理发:1000小时

nba买球正规网站 offers flexible scheduling options so that every student can complete their required hours on their own terms and schedule.

Q: What is provided in the cosmetology student kit?

Every student will receive their program’s specific required textbooks and a kit to use in class as included in the cost of attendance. These kit items can include but are not limited to:

  • 各种大小和形状的刷子和梳子
  • 全套化妆刷和化妆海绵
  • 剪刀、剪刀和剃刀
  • Styling tools (curling iron, straightener, blow dryer, etc.)
  • 指甲锉和其他nba官方正规买球网站工具
  • 和更多的!

因为nba买球正规网站是 智库合作学校, we incorporate high-quality 气 hair care products for our education programs. We strive to educate our students on the proper use of natural, 不含刺激性化学物质的有机产品, so they can be better prepared to service a wide range of clientele with a more diverse knowledge base of products available.

Q: Does nba买球正规网站 provide financial aid?

If you are searching for financial aid for cosmetology school in Texas, 你来对地方了. nba买球正规网站就是其中之一 接受经济资助的nba官方正规买球网站学校 在休斯顿.

Our financial aid system operates on grants and scholarships that do not need to be repaid and are used to help cover your tuition costs. We don’t ask for pricey down payments from our students, and we don’t expect any money to be repaid to us. 事情就是这么简单.

On top of providing multiple financial aid options for our students, we are also dedicated to helping our students graduate without debt. If you’re looking for an affordable way to attend cosmetology school, nba买球正规网站 is here to help you succeed.

Schedule a beauty school tour with nba买球正规网站 or 在线申请 今天!

We have laid out these common questions to ask during a cosmetology school interview so that you can be better prepared to select the best beauty institute for your education. We want to empower potential students to ask thorough questions when visiting multiple campuses to ensure that the instructors, 工作人员, and environment will foster a healthy and prosperous learning experience for you.

Our 工作人员 is ready and willing to discuss any questions you may have about our school and what we can provide for you.

nba买球正规网站 is proud to be a diverse, 包容, and accommodating beauty school that caters to students from all walks of life. If you are interested in turning your passion for beauty into a career, 安排旅行 or 在线申请 今天! 你的未来就在咫尺之遥.

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